The most key feature of La Med sandwiches is that the customer has the freedom to build any sandwich they like using any of the ingredients we have available. For this to happen successfully and efficiently it must be done in a particular order with the guidance of the “Chef de Sandwich”.

The order in which a sandwich is built  is as follows:
1.Choice of Bread and spread → 2.Choice of Cooked Protein→ 3.Choice of Deli meats and cheeses→ 4.Choice of Extras→ 5.Toasting the Sandwich→ 6.Choice of fresh vegetables →7.Choice of sauce and seasoning.

The customer has the right to skip any step they wish (except the first one) in order to create their sandwich.

When the sandwich is complete it must be wrapped and sealed according to La Med guidelines.



Bread and spreads


Deli meats and cheeses


Deli meats and cheeses


Seasoning and Sauces